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Engaging in entomophagy: The role of food neophobia and disgust between insect and non-insect eaters Sogari, Giovanni; Riccioli, Francesco; Moruzzo, Roberta; Menozzi, Davide; Tzompa Sosa, Daylan Amelia; Li, Jie; Liu, Aijun; Mancini, Simone. - In: FOOD QUALITY AND PREFERENCE. - ISSN 0950-3293. - 104:(2023), p. 104764. [10.1016/j.foodqual.2022.104764]
What motivates consumers to accept whole and processed mealworms in their diets? A five-country study Tzompa-Sosa, Daylan Amelia; Sogari, Giovanni; Copelotti, Emma; Andreani, Giulia; Schouteten, Joachim Jietse; Moruzzo, Roberta; Liu, Aijun; Li, Jie; Mancini, Simone. - In: FUTURE FOODS. - ISSN 2666-8335. - 7:(2023), p. 100225. [10.1016/j.fufo.2023.100225]
Tissue culture technology for sumac (Rhus coriaria) propagation Leto, Leandra; Lucia Facchin, Simona; Micheli, Maurizio; Chiancone, Benedetta. - In: PLANT BIOSYSTEMS. - ISSN 1724-5575. - 154:4(2023), pp. 881-889. [10.1080/11263504.2023.2229826]
Evaluation of the Fruit Quality and Phytochemical Compounds in Peach and Nectarine Cultivars Petruccelli, Raffaella; Bonetti, Alessandra; Ciaccheri, Leonardo; Ieri, Francesca; Ganino, Tommaso; Faraloni, Cecilia. - In: PLANTS. - ISSN 2223-7747. - 12:8(2023), p. 1618. [10.3390/plants12081618]
From Hop to Beer: Influence of Different Organic Foliar Fertilisation Treatments on Hop Oil Profile and Derived Beers’ Flavour Rodolfi, Margherita; Valentoni, Antonio; Pretti, Luca; Sanna, Manuela; Guidotti, Simone; Marchioni, Ilaria; Ganino, Tommaso. - In: PLANTS. - ISSN 2223-7747. - 12:9(2023), p. 1861. [10.3390/plants12091861]
Formulation and Physical Stability of High Total Solids Lentil Protein-Stabilised Emulsions for Use in Plant Protein-Based Young Child Formulae Malterre, Nicolas; Bot, Francesca; O’Mahony, James A.. - In: FOODS. - ISSN 2304-8158. - 12:9(2023), p. 1741. [10.3390/foods12091741]
Cadmium, lead, and mercury in two commercial squid species from the north Adriatic Sea (central Mediterranean): contamination levels and health risk assessment Varrà, Maria Olga; Husáková, Lenka; Patočka, Jan; Ianieri, Adriana; Ghidini, Sergio; Zanardi, Emanuela. - In: ITALIAN JOURNAL OF FOOD SAFETY. - ISSN 2239-7132. - 12:2(2023). [10.4081/ijfs.2023.11037]
Implementing the Use of Collision Cross Section Database for Phycotoxin Screening Analysis Aparicio-Muriana, Maria Mar; Bruni, Renato; Lara, Francisco J; Del Olmo-Iruela, Monsalud; Hernandez-Mesa, Maykel; García-Campaña, Ana M; Dall'Asta, Chiara; Righetti, Laura. - In: JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL AND FOOD CHEMISTRY. - ISSN 0021-8561. - 71:26(2023), pp. 10178-10189. [10.1021/acs.jafc.3c01060]
The bitter side of toxicity: A big data analysis spotted the interaction between trichothecenes and bitter receptors Pedroni, Lorenzo; Perugino, Florinda; Kurtaga, Ambra; Galaverna, Gianni; Dall'Asta, Chiara; Dellafiora, Luca. - In: FOOD RESEARCH INTERNATIONAL. - ISSN 0963-9969. - 173:(2023), p. 113284. [10.1016/j.foodres.2023.113284]
Indulgent or informative logos? Effects on university students’ intention to purchase healthy and sustainable food Andreani, Giulia; Sogari, Giovanni; Wongprawmas, Rungsaran; Menozzi, Davide; Mora, Cristina. - In: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF GASTRONOMY AND FOOD SCIENCE. - ISSN 1878-450X. - 33:(2023), p. 100774. [10.1016/j.ijgfs.2023.100774]
Oil and protein extraction from fruit seed and kernel by-products using a one pot enzymatic-assisted mild extraction Lolli, V.; Viscusi, P.; Bonzanini, F.; Conte, A.; Fuso, A.; Larocca, S.; Leni, G.; Caligiani, A.. - In: FOOD CHEMISTRY X. - ISSN 2590-1575. - (2023).
A Preliminary Study on the Relationship between Gastric Lesions and Anti-Inflammatory Drug Usage in Heavy Pigs Ghidini, Sergio; Scali, Federico; Romeo, Claudia; Guadagno, Federica; Maisano, Antonio Marco; De Luca, Silvio; Varrà, Maria Olga; Conter, Mauro; Ianieri, Adriana; Zanardi, Emanuela; Alborali, Giovanni Loris. - In: VETERINARY SCIENCES. - ISSN 2306-7381. - 10:9(2023), p. 551. [10.3390/vetsci10090551]
An in silico insight on the mechanistic aspects of gelsenicine toxicity: A reverse screening study pointing to the possible involvement of acetylcholine binding receptor Pedroni, Lorenzo; Dorne, Jean Lou C M; Dall'Asta, Chiara; Dellafiora, Luca. - In: TOXICOLOGY LETTERS. - ISSN 0378-4274. - 386:(2023), pp. 1-8. [10.1016/j.toxlet.2023.09.003]
Bauhinia ungulata L.: Medicinal Utilization, Botanical Aspects, Biological Properties and Chemical Constitution Reported in the Literature SOARES DO NASCIMENTO REMÍGIO, Myrth; Santa Brígida da Silva, Andressa; Rossi, Alessandra; RAMOS BARBOSA, WAGNER LUIZ. - In: PHARMACOGNOSY REVIEWS. - ISSN 0973-7847. - 17:33(2023), pp. 144-153. [10.5530/097627870192]"
Development of inhalation powders containing lactic acid bacteria with antimicrobial activity against Pseudomonas aeruginosa Glieca, Stefania; Quarta, Eride; Bottari, Benedetta; Bancalari, Elena; Monica, Saverio; Scaltriti, Erika; Tambassi, Martina; Flammini, Lisa; Bertoni, Simona; Bianchera, Annalisa; Fainardi, Valentina; Esposito, Susanna; Pisi, Giovanna; Bettini, Ruggero; Sonvico, Fabio; Buttini, Francesca. - In: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ANTIMICROBIAL AGENTS. - ISSN 0924-8579. - 63:1(2023). [10.1016/j.ijantimicag.2023.107001]
A mechanistic toxicology study to grasp the mechanics of zearalenone estrogenicity: spotlighting aromatase and the effects of its genetic variability Perugino, Florinda; Pedroni, Lorenzo; Galaverna, Gianni; Dall'Asta, Chiara; Dellafiora, Luca. - In: TOXICOLOGY. - ISSN 0300-483X. - (2023), p. 153686. [10.1016/j.tox.2023.153686]
Nasal delivery as a strategy for the prevention and treatment of COVID-19 Sonvico, Fabio; Colombo, Gaia; Quarta, Eride; Guareschi, Fabiola; Banella, Sabrina; Buttini, Francesca; Scherließ, Regina. - In: EXPERT OPINION ON DRUG DELIVERY. - ISSN 1742-5247. - 20:8(2023), pp. 1115-1130. [10.1080/17425247.2023.2263363]
New Insights into the Enhancement of Adventitious Root Formation Using N,N′-Bis(2,3-methylenedioxyphenyl)urea Ricci, Ada; Polverini, Eugenia; Bruno, Stefano; Dramis, Lucia; Ceresini, Daniela; Scarano, Antonio; Diaz-Sala, Carmen. - In: PLANTS. - ISSN 2223-7747. - 12:20(2023), pp. 3610-3630. [10.3390/plants12203610]
A Photoactive Supramolecular Complex Targeting PD-L1 Reveals a Weak Correlation between Photoactivation Efficiency and Receptor Expression Levels in Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer Tumor Models Delcanale, Pietro; Alampi, Manuela Maria; Mussini, Andrea; Fumarola, Claudia; Galetti, Maricla; Petronini, Pier Giorgio; Viappiani, Cristiano; Bruno, Stefano; Abbruzzetti, Stefania. - In: PHARMACEUTICS. - ISSN 1999-4923. - 15:12(2023), p. 2776. [10.3390/pharmaceutics15122776]
Rapid prototyping of 3D printed AgNPs and nano-TiO2 embedded hydrogels as novel devices with multi-responsive antimicrobial capability in wound healing Graiff, Claudia; Bergamonti, Laura; Ossiprandi, Maria Cristina; Elviri, Lisa. - In: ANTIBIOTICS. - ISSN 2079-6382. - 12:7(2023). [10.3390/antibiotics12071104]"
Processing of raw donkey milk by pasteurisation and UV-C to produce freeze-dried milk powders: The effect on protein quality, digestibility and bioactive properties Tedeschi, T.; Aspri, M.; Loffi, C.; Dellafiora, L.; Galaverna, G.; Papademas, P.. - In: LEBENSMITTEL-WISSENSCHAFT + TECHNOLOGIE. - ISSN 0023-6438. - 173:(2023), p. 114404. [10.1016/j.lwt.2022.114404]
Association of dietary flavan-3-ol intakes with plasma phenyl-γ-valerolactones: analysis from the TUDA cohort of healthy older adults Angelino, Donato; Caffrey, Aoife; Mcnulty, Helene; Gill, Chris Ir; Mena, Pedro; Rosi, Alice; Moore, Katie; Hoey, Leane; Clements, Michelle; Laird, Eamon; Boyd, Kerrie; Mullen, Brian; Pucci, Bruna; Jarrett, Harry; Cunningham, Conal; Ward, Mary; Strain, J J; Mccarroll, Kevin; Moore, Adrian J; Molloy, Anne M; Del Rio, Daniele. - In: THE AMERICAN JOURNAL OF CLINICAL NUTRITION. - ISSN 1938-3207. - (2023). [10.1016/j.ajcnut.2023.06.006]
Phytochemical profiling of volatile and bioactive compounds in yellow mustard (Sinapis alba) and oriental mustard (Brassica juncea) seed flour and bran Torrijos, R.; Righetti, L.; Cirlini, M.; Calani, L.; Manes, J.; Meca, G.; Dall'Asta, C.. - In: LEBENSMITTEL-WISSENSCHAFT + TECHNOLOGIE. - ISSN 0023-6438. - 173:(2023), p. 114221. [10.1016/j.lwt.2022.114221]
Elemental profiles of swine tissues as descriptors for the traceability of value-added Italian heavy pig production chains Varrà, Maria Olga; Husáková, Lenka; Zanardi, Emanuela; Alborali, Giovanni Loris; Patočka, Jan; Ianieri, Adriana; Ghidini, Sergio. - In: MEAT SCIENCE. - ISSN 0309-1740. - 204:(2023). [10.1016/j.meatsci.2023.109285]
Protease-Assisted Mild Extraction of Soluble Fibre and Protein from Fruit By-Products: A Biorefinery Perspective Fuso, Andrea; Viscusi, Pio; Larocca, Susanna; Sangari, Francesco Saverio; Lolli, Veronica; Caligiani, Augusta. - In: FOODS. - ISSN 2304-8158. - 12:1(2023).
Mass spectrometry-based proteomic strategy for ecchymotic skin examination in forensic pathology Toma, Lorenzo; Vignali, Giulia; Maffioli, Elisa; Tambuzzi, Stefano; Giaccari, Roberta; Mattarozzi, Monica; Nonnis, Simona; Milioli, Marco; Franceschetti, Lorenzo; Paredi, Gianluca; Negri, Armando; Riccardi, Benedetta; Cattaneo, Cristina; Careri, Maria; Tedeschi, Gabriella; Bruno, Stefano. - In: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS. - ISSN 2045-2322. - 13:1(2023). [10.1038/s41598-023-32520-9]
Plant-Based Alternatives to Cheese Formulated Using Blends of Zein and Chickpea Protein Ingredients Grasso, Nadia; Bot, Francesca; Roos, Yrjo H; Crowley, Shane V; Arendt, Elke K; O'Mahony, James A. - In: FOODS. - ISSN 2304-8158. - 12:7(2023), p. 1492. [10.3390/foods12071492]
Best practices for making the university campus a supportive environment for healthy and sustainable diets Franchini, C.; Biasini, B.; Rosi, A.; Scazzina, F.. - In: CURRENT OPINION IN ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE & HEALTH. - ISSN 2468-5844. - 32:(2023), p. 100436. [10.1016/j.coesh.2022.100436]
A multiplatform metabolomics/reactomics approach as a powerful strategy to identify reaction compounds generated during hemicellulose hydrothermal extraction from agro-food biomasses Fuso, Andrea; Righetti, Laura; Rosso, Franco; Rosso, Ginevra; Manera, Ileana; Caligiani, Augusta. - In: FOOD CHEMISTRY. - ISSN 0308-8146. - 421:(2023).
The Future is Crawling: Evaluating the Potential of Insects for Food and Feed Security Formici, Giulia; Sogari, Giovanni; Amato, Mario; Palmieri, Rossella; Saadoun, Jasmine; Verneau, Fabio; Mancini, Simone. - In: CURRENT RESEARCH IN FOOD SCIENCE. - ISSN 2665-9271. - 6:(2023), pp. 100504.1-100504.8. [10.1016/j.crfs.2023.100504]
Unravelling phenolic metabotypes in the frame of the COMBAT study, a randomized, controlled trial with cranberry supplementation Tosi, N.; Favari, C.; Bresciani, L.; Flanagan, E.; Hornberger, M.; Narbad, A.; Del Rio, D.; Vauzour, D.; Mena, P.. - In: FOOD RESEARCH INTERNATIONAL. - ISSN 0963-9969. - 172:(2023), p. 113187. [10.1016/j.foodres.2023.113187]
Comparison of protein quality and digestibility between plant-based and meat-based burgers Cutroneo, S.; Prandi, B.; Faccini, A.; Pellegrini, N.; Sforza, S.; Tedeschi, T.. - In: FOOD RESEARCH INTERNATIONAL. - ISSN 0963-9969. - 172:(2023), p. 113183. [10.1016/j.foodres.2023.113183]
Production of carotenoid-rich Hermetia illucens larvae using specific agri-food by-products Leni, G.; Maistrello, L.; Pinotti, G.; Sforza, S.; Caligiani, A.. - In: JOURNAL OF INSECTS AS FOOD AND FEED. - ISSN 2352-4588. - 9:2(2023), pp. 171-181. [10.3920/JIFF2022.0016]
The Impact of Possible Misuses Conditions on in Vitro Performance of NEXThaler in Comparison with Ellipta Inhaler Varacca, Giada; D'Angelo, Davide; Glieca, Stefania; Cavalieri, Luca; Piraino, Alessio; Quarta, Eride; Sonvico, Fabio; Buttini, Francesca. - In: EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PHARMACEUTICAL SCIENCES. - ISSN 0928-0987. - (2023), p. 106385. [10.1016/j.ejps.2023.106385]
Nintedanib-αVβ6 Integrin Ligand Conjugates Reduce TGFβ-Induced EMT in Human Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Andreucci, Elena; Bugatti, Kelly; Peppicelli, Silvia; Ruzzolini, Jessica; Lulli, Matteo; Calorini, Lido; Battistini, Lucia; Zanardi, Franca; Sartori, Andrea; Bianchini, Francesca. - In: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES. - ISSN 1422-0067. - 24:2(2023), p. 1475. [10.3390/ijms24021475]
Seasonal Variations of the Protein Fractions and the Mineral Contents of the Cheese Whey in the Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese Manufacture Franceschi, Piero; Martuzzi, Francesca; Formaggioni, Paolo; Malacarne, Massimo; Summer, Andrea. - In: AGRICULTURE. - ISSN 2077-0472. - 13:1(2023), pp. 165.1-165.11. [10.3390/agriculture13010165]
Prognostic Impact of Blood Lipid Profile in Patients With Advanced Solid Tumors Treated With Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors: A Multicenter Cohort Study Pecci, Federica; Cantini, Luca; Cognigni, Valeria; Perrone, Fabiana; Mazzaschi, Giulia; Agostinelli, Veronica; Mentrasti, Giulia; Favari, Elda; Maffezzoli, Michele; Cortellini, Alessio; Rossi, Francesca; Chiariotti, Rebecca; Venanzi, Francesco Maria; Lo Russo, Giuseppe; Galli, Giulia; Proto, Claudia; Ganzinelli, Monica; Tronconi, Francesca; Morgese, Francesca; Campolucci, Carla; Moretti, Marco; Vignini, Arianna; Tiseo, Marcello; Minari, Roberta; Rocchi, Marco Luigi Bruno; Buti, Sebastiano; Berardi, Rossana. - In: THE ONCOLOGIST. - ISSN 1083-7159. - (2023). [10.1093/oncolo/oyad273]
Disentangling the interactions between nasopharyngeal and gut microbiome and their involvement in the modulation of COVID-19 infection Mancabelli, L; Taurino, G; Ticinesi, A; Ciociola, T; Vacondio, F; Milani, C; Fontana, F; Lugli, Ga; Tarracchini, C; Alessandri, G; Viappiani, A; Bianchi, M; Nouvenne, A; Chetta, Aa; Turroni, F; Meschi, T; Mor, M; Bussolati, O; Ventura, M. - In: MICROBIOLOGY SPECTRUM. - ISSN 2165-0497. - 11:5(2023). [10.1128/spectrum.02194-23]
An Enhanced Dissolving Cyclosporin-A Inhalable Powder Efficiently Reduces SARS-CoV-2 Infection In Vitro D'Angelo, Davide; Quarta, Eride; Glieca, Stefania; Varacca, Giada; Flammini, Lisa; Bertoni, Simona; Brandolini, Martina; Sambri, Vittorio; Grumiro, Laura; Gatti, Giulia; Dirani, Giorgio; Taddei, Francesca; Bianchera, Annalisa; Sonvico, Fabio; Bettini, Ruggero; Buttini, Francesca. - In: PHARMACEUTICS. - ISSN 1999-4923. - 15:3(2023). [10.3390/pharmaceutics15031023]
Microencapsulated olive leaf extract enhances physicochemical stability of biscuits Paciulli, M.; Grimaldi, M.; Rinaldi, M.; Cavazza, A.; Flamminii, F.; Di Mattia, C.; Gennari, M.; Chiavaro, E.. - In: FUTURE FOODS. - ISSN 2666-8335. - 7:(2023), p. 100209.100209. [10.1016/j.fufo.2022.100209]
Cryo-EM undiscloses structural and mechanistic details on iron hijacking by Staphylococcus aureus: An insight into the interaction of IsdB hemophore with human hemoglobin Marchetti, M; De Bei, O; Ronda, L; Gianquinto, E; Lazzarato, L; Chirgadze, Dy; Hardwick, Sw; Cooper, Lr; Cozzi, M; Faggiano, S; Spyrakis, F; Luisi, Bf; Campanini, B; Bettati, S. - In: IL NUOVO CIMENTO C. - ISSN 2037-4909. - 46:4(2023). [10.1393/ncc/i2023-23139-1]
Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. bulgaricus derivatives for 3D printed alginate/hyaluronic acid self-crosslinking hydrogels: Manufacturing and wound healing potential Remaggi, Giulia; Bottari, Benedetta; Bancalari, Elena; Catanzano, Ovidio; Neviani, Erasmo; Elviri, Lisa. - In: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL MACROMOLECULES. - ISSN 0141-8130. - 242:(2023). [10.1016/j.ijbiomac.2023.124454]
Effect of the Pasta Making Process on Slowly Digestible Starch Content Dodi, Rossella; Di Pede, Giuseppe; Scarpa, Cecilia; Deon, Valeria; Dall'Asta, Margherita; Scazzina, Francesca. - In: FOODS. - ISSN 2304-8158. - 12:10(2023), p. 2064. [10.3390/foods12102064]
Near infrared spectroscopy and multivariate statistical analysis as rapid tools for the geographical origin assessment of Italian hazelnuts Sammarco, G.; Dall'Asta, C.; Suman, M.. - In: VIBRATIONAL SPECTROSCOPY. - ISSN 0924-2031. - 126:(2023), p. 103531.103531. [10.1016/j.vibspec.2023.103531]
Metabolite Profiling and Bioactivities of Leaves, Stems, and Flowers of Rumex usambarensis (Dammer) Dammer, a Traditional African Medicinal Plant Spaggiari, Chiara; Righetti, Laura; Spadini, Costanza; Annunziato, Giannamaria; Nsanzurwimo, Aimable; Cabassi, Clotilde Silvia; Bruni, Renato; Costantino, Gabriele. - In: PLANTS. - ISSN 2223-7747. - 12:3(2023), p. 482. [10.3390/plants12030482]
Development of a Quantitative UPLC-ESI/MS Method for the Simultaneous Determination of the Chitin and Protein Content in Insects Luparelli, A. V.; Leni, G.; Fuso, A.; Pedrazzani, C.; Palini, S.; Sforza, S.; Caligiani, A.. - In: FOOD ANALYTICAL METHODS. - ISSN 1936-9751. - 16:2(2023), pp. 252-265. [10.1007/s12161-022-02411-2]
Fit-For-Purpose Method Development to Determine Co-Occurring Multiclass Mycotoxins in Apple and Apple Puree Samples Carbonell-Rozas, L.; Van der Cruyssen, L.; Dall'Asta, C.; Leggieri, M. C.; Battilani, P.. - In: FOOD ANALYTICAL METHODS. - ISSN 1936-9751. - 16:8(2023), pp. 1403-1412. [10.1007/s12161-023-02512-6]
Valorization of soursop (Annona muricata) seeds as alternative oil and protein source using novel de-oiling and protein extraction techniques Villacís-Chiriboga, José; Prandi, Barbara; Ruales, Jenny; Van Camp, John; Sforza, Stefano; Elst, Kathy. - In: LEBENSMITTEL-WISSENSCHAFT + TECHNOLOGIE. - ISSN 0023-6438. - 182:(2023), p. 114777. [10.1016/j.lwt.2023.114777]
Buccal Permeation of Polysaccharide High Molecular Weight Compounds: Effect of Chemical Permeation Enhancers Fantini, A.; Giulio, L.; Delledonne, A.; Pescina, S.; Sissa, C.; Nicoli, S.; Santi, P.; Padula, C.. - In: PHARMACEUTICS. - ISSN 1999-4923. - 15:1(2023), p. 129.129. [10.3390/pharmaceutics15010129]
In vitro Digestion of Phaseolus vulgaris L. Cooked Beans Induces Autophagy in Colon Cancer Cells Bernardi, Clizia; Macrì, Giulia; Biagi, Marco; Miraldi, Elisabetta; Finetti, Federica; Trabalzini, Lorenza. - In: FOODS. - ISSN 2304-8158. - 12:4(2023), pp. 839.1-839.16. [10.3390/foods12040839]
Brevundimonas aurantiaca M3d10, Isolated from the olive fly, produces hydroxylated astaxanthin Centini, Marisanna; Martinez-Sañudo, Isabel; Biagi, Marco; Dreassi, Elena; Mazzon, Luca; Marri, Laura. - In: COSMETICS. - ISSN 2079-9284. - 10:4(2023). [10.3390/cosmetics10040103]
Medical Ethnobotany of the Bissau-Guinean Community of Migrants Living in Northern Italy and Comparison with the Ethnopharmacology of Guinea-Bissau Sambù, Alfredo; Cornara, Laura; Catarino, Luís; Indjai, Bucar; Biagi, Marco; Giordani, Paolo. - In: PLANTS. - ISSN 2223-7747. - 12:9(2023). [10.3390/plants12091909]
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A computational study on the biotransformation of alkenylbenzenes by a selection of CYPs: reflections on their possible bioactivation Pedroni, Lorenzo; Louisse, Jochem; Dorne, Jean-Lou C. M.; Dall’Asta, Chiara; Dellafiora, Luca. - In: TOXICOLOGY. - ISSN 0300-483X. - (2023), p. 153471. [10.1016/j.tox.2023.153471]
Systematic Review on the Metabolic Interest of Glucosinolates and Their Bioactive Derivatives for Human Health Costa-Perez, A.; Nunez-Gomez, V.; Baenas, N.; Di Pede, G.; Achour, M.; Manach, C.; Mena, P.; Del Rio, D.; Garcia-Viguera, C.; Moreno, D. A.; Dominguez-Perles, R.. - In: NUTRIENTS. - ISSN 2072-6643. - 15:6(2023), p. 1424.1424. [10.3390/nu15061424]
A geographical origin assessment of Italian hazelnuts: Gas chromatography-ion mobility spectrometry coupled with multivariate statistical analysis and data fusion approach Sammarco, G.; Bardin, D.; Quaini, F.; Dall'Asta, C.; Christmann, J.; Weller, P.; Suman, M.. - In: FOOD RESEARCH INTERNATIONAL. - ISSN 0963-9969. - 171:(2023), p. 113085.113085. [10.1016/j.foodres.2023.113085]
Italian Grape Ale Beers Obtained with Malvasia di Candia Aromatica Grape Variety: Evolution of Phenolic Compounds during Fermentation Leni, Giulia; Romanini, Elia; Bertuzzi, Terenzio; Abate, Alessio; Bresciani, Letizia; Lambri, Milena; Dall'Asta, Margherita; Gabrielli, Mario. - In: FOODS. - ISSN 2304-8158. - 12:6(2023), p. 1196. [10.3390/foods12061196]
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Anthocyanin Content and Fusarium Mycotoxins in Pigmented Wheat (Triticum aestivum L. spp. aestivum): An Open Field Evaluation Gozzi, Marco; Blandino, Massimo; Dall'Asta, Chiara; Martinek, Petr; Bruni, Renato; Righetti, Laura. - In: PLANTS. - ISSN 2223-7747. - 12:4(2023), p. 693. [10.3390/plants12040693]
Mechanistic Modeling of Lys745 Sulfonylation in EGFR C797S Reveals Chemical Determinants for Inhibitor Activity and Discriminates Reversible from Irreversible Agents Arafet, Kemel; Scalvini, Laura; Galvani, Francesca; Martí, Sergio; Moliner, Vicent; Mor, Marco; Lodola, Alessio. - In: JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL INFORMATION AND MODELING. - ISSN 1549-9596. - 63:4(2023), pp. 1301-1312. [10.1021/acs.jcim.2c01586]
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Potential Pharmacological Activity of an Indian Wild Edible Plant (Meyna Laxiflora Robyns): A Review Dhenge, Rohini; Rinaldi, Massimiliano; Ganino, Tommaso. - 6:2(2023), pp. AJRIB.98730.122-AJRIB.98730.133.
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